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How many driving lessons will it take to pass my driving test?

So, you want to find out how many driving lessons it will take to pass your driving test?

To answer this frequently asked question you will first need to ask yourself, how do I learn best?

What does how do I learn best mean? Well, everyone has their own learning style. Some learners may learn by seeing demonstrations of how to drive and learn by reflecting back on the demonstrations. Some learners may want to know all the theory behind learning a particular driving skill and prefer a full explanation of what they will be learning before having a go. Other learners may just want to have a go at something first and see how it goes.

You may not know what your learning style is and may be wondering: how do I figure out how I learn best?

I can hear you asking: Why do I need to know what my learning style is when it comes to finding out how many driving lessons will it take to pass my driving test?

This depends on how you learn best. How you learn best will determine how many lessons it will take for you to pass your driving test. If you need alot of demonstrations then it may take more time. If you require all the information and instructions explained to you first before practising then it may take a different amount of time because everyone will absorb information at their own speed when explained to them.

As learner drivers we all learn at different speeds, some people learn faster than others and some people take longer. Some people will learn certain driving skills faster than other driving skills.

To Find out how you learn best ask yourself if you have ever built a flat packed furniture item? Do you read all the instructions first or do you just jump straight in and have a go?

When someone is explaining something to you do you start to yawn and loose concentration?

By simply asking these questions you can find out how you learn best. Your driving instructor can then teach you in this way by using techniques taylor made to your learning needs so that you can learn in the fastest time and can reduce the amount of driving lessons it will take for you to pass your driving test.

So, what is the average number of driving lessons it takes to pass you driving test? I hear you ask.

The average number of driving lessons it takes when learning with a fully qualified driving instructor is 40 hours and at least 20 hours private practice of driving lessons with someone at home with a family member or friend.

You can find out more on driving lessons and learning to drive from the DVSA right here

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